Sabtu, 14 Januari 2012

Kehadiran Nur Ain(Cahaya Mata)

"this baby was crying non-stop" Said the nurse
"Of course,because he wanted to see his mommy" Answered Dr. Aina,my mid wife
This is the first time I have ever feel such an extraordinary pain. It feels like you wanted to go to toilet and push all the things in your stomach. But now,I am not pushing my body waste,I am pushing my baby. I am going to have a baby!
With a few 'Argh' and 'Hoo',I try my best to push as hard as I can to deliver my baby. I even shout when I am pushing. When Dr. Aina told me that I just have to make one more big and push,I collect all my energy,inhaled,and push with the biggest push that I can do. Suddenly,I heard a very cute cry. My baby already comes out,and Dr. Aina said,"Congratulations,it is a baby boy"
Dr. Aina give my baby to me. Oh,such a cute baby. I can't believe that I have been carrying such a cute baby in my womb before. He looks just like his father,my husband. He got my big brown eyes,that make him more cute. He started to suck my milk,and finally fell asleep. When I saw him sleeping happily,I feel that all my pains has gone. I am grateful to have such a handsome baby boy,Alhamdulillah..
My husband was the most happiest person when he saw our first baby. He try to hold our baby,and whispered the Azan near my baby's ear. I can see a clear,happy tears come out from my husband's eyes. This is the first time I saw my husband crying!

karangan bahasa inggeris sy

Assalamualaikum bloggers.. hehe.. baru2 ni Nurul dpt paper exam bahasa inggeris tahun lepas.. Nurul dpt markah yg agak memberangsangkan juga la. hehe. kejap lg Nurul post karangan jenis cerita nurul tu,Nurul translate p bahasa Melayu. :)
Hak Cipta Terpelihara Milik Cik Nurul
Hak Cipta Terpelihara Milik Cik Nurul